Sunday, 20 July 2014

Progressing Along

Things are progressing along nicely but still not without issues. There are a few things that we will request be changed and things that Wisdom tell us are acceptable by their standards but we believe are unacceptable so we will persevere with trying to get them fixed.

However with the events that have been in the news this week our  building issues have well and truly been put into perspective.

The Kitchen and bathroom cabinets, garage door and balcony railing have been installed, waterproofing was done and tiling of wet areas has commenced.

Tiling should be completed this week and painting is due to start. The following week should see taps, toilet, bath and caesarstone bench tops installed. Insulation should be finished in the roof space and the electrician should return to install power points, light switches and light fittings.

We still want something done to stop the support post for the upstairs railing imposing into the stairwell. Wisdom Homes and Designer Staircase say it is acceptable but there is nothing like it in any display homes and we haven't seen anything like it in any Wisdom building blogs so we say it is not acceptable. Gyprocking on the underside of the stairs in the dining area ceiling was done and looks messy. Apparently because we raised our ceilings we had to have an extra step and this is the one that protrudes into the downstairs ceiling space. I would have thought Wisdom would have had a standard finish for this situation that looked OK, as surely our house is not the first, but it appears not. Our internal doors have all been cut too short so we have massive gaps between them and the floor and even when our timber floors are installed the gap will still be large so we may have to put ply under the floorboards to raise them, which means we will lose some of the extra ceiling height that we paid for. We may demand that our doors be replaced. We gave them the height of our flooring so there is no excuse.  Our kitchen window to the alfresco was put in at the wrong height so they had to remove it, then remove a course of bricks to lower it. Now they have done some very messy brickwork to fill the space where the course of bricks were removed. There is a massive gap at the top of the window which cannot be filled with bricks because the window frame cannot have that weight sitting on it. Can't wait to see how that fix that F*%#up!

The man doing the tiling has been fantastic and has constantly consulted us about how we want the tiles lined up. He is one of the few tradies working on our house that has taken pride in his work.

Facade Complete except for painting of front door and timber posts

Garage Door Installed (Colour Surfmist)

Kitchen Cabinets installed (White Polyurethane)

Stairs Gyprocked

Look at that ugly post sitting on the wall on the right. Wisdom and Designer Staircases think this is acceptable.

Below is a picture of a staircase in another Wisdom home and their support post looks a lot better than ours.

Underside of the stairs. What happened to the cornice? Still looks Yuk!

Toilet waterproofed

Laundry waterproofed

Main bathroom waterproofed

Main Bathroom floor tiles.

Toilet floor tiles.

Ensuite shower tiles

New brickwork under kitchen window. 

Gap at top of kitchen window after it needed to be lowered. How will they fill this I wonder?

Looks like someone decided to put their lit cigarette out with their drink on our bedroom floor.


  1. I can see why you're peeved. Those mistakes are not really acceptable. I hope it gets resolved!

  2. Wow! Your house is really done, well almost. I've been back reading and I'm enjoying looking at how the pictures are like a step-by-step adventure. Hahaha! Anyway, kudos to you guys and the builders for the satisfactory report. I hope all the other finishing will be done, ASAP. Good luck and thank you for sharing!

    Gail Wallace @ Water Damage Pros