Saturday, 24 May 2014

A few more photos

We decided to go back to the house today and give it a good once over because we thought the eaves were finished, and wanted to check them for issues. Well they weren't quite finished the eaves but I did take some more photos and we found some more issues. Can't wait to get our private appraiser back in.

We changed the main bathroom slightly over a week ago but they have continued to frame it to the original plan. Oh well more work for them to remove what they have done. They have blocked the wrong wall for the television in the upstairs living room. There are some steel beams that still have not been bolted together. We found some soil erosion under the slab at the Alfresco corner and bricks that are overhanging the slab (allowance is 15mm under the Building Code of Australia).   

Airconditioning Roughin crumbling away

Void under rear corner of slab due to soil erosion or shrinkage

Bricks overhanging slab

Front Eaves

Front Balcony Eaves


Side Eaves

Rear Balcony Eaves

Bricks Finished

Kitchen Stacker Window Removed for Bricking Work

Upstairs Linen

Stacker Doors sitting in muddy puddle in living room

Warped Stacker Door Frames

Mortar splashed in stacker door frames

Stacker doors sitting in living room

 Untreated timber used for packing out eaves. Why?

Timber posts on front balcony

Stacking for tv on wrong wall. Should be opposite wall

Downstairs window sill

Upstairs Window Sill (spot the difference to the downstairs sill?)

Walk in robe Bed 2

Walk in robe bed 3

Photos photos and more photos

We had a site visit on Thursday with our SS to go over work that has already been done, things that still needed fixing and future work.

The eaves were being done at the time and the bricking was finished. There are still many things not fixed from our private appraiser's report, which we find a bit annoying but as long as they are done prior to gyprocking then we will be happy. They have taken all the stacker sliding doors out so they could finish the bricking. The doors are sitting there with warped frames, covered in splashed mortar which was very upsetting. We said to the site supervisor that we will expect them to be replaced if they are too badly damaged and don't work smoothly when re-installed.  Our question was why were they installed so early if they need to be removed for the bricking? Our SS said they had a management meeting at our site last week to discuss that very point and used our house an example of why the doors should not be installed before bricking. They have now changed the process so stacker doors will be installed after bricking for future builds. Too late for us but hopefully others will not end up having to have their doors replaced.

Timpelle were also there measuring up for our kitchen.

This week's issues: guttering badly scratched in places which leaves it susceptible to rusting and brickwork on bottom window sills uneven and doesn't match upper window sills.

Any way here are lots of photos. Enjoy!


Alfresco from kitchen with pool at back

Back of House (can see the stacker doors sitting inside house)

Backyard from upstairs, full of Autumn leaves

Balcony off Master Bedroom

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 3 from outside

Views of Chatswood from Master Bedroom Balcony

Double Hung Sash Windows at front of house

Downstairs Linen Cupboard

Eastern side wall

Eaves in progress

Ensuite with main bathroom behind

Entrance hall

Entrance hall looking towards living room

 Upper front of house

Front balcony from west side

Front balcony



Downstairs Guest Bedroom 1 (Originally Home Theatre)

Downstairs Guest Bedroom 2

Downstairs Guest Bedroom 2



 Kitchen Window from Alfresco


Dining, Living and  Kitchen from Garage

Alfresco from upstairs

Living Room

Main Bathroom

Master Bedroom with Walk in Robe on right

Powder room looking through to Walk in Pantry



Upstairs Toilet

Upper back wall

Upstairs Living Room

Western Wall
 Walk in Pantry

Walk in pantry (left) and fridge space (right) with powder room behind fridge space

Master Bedroom walk in robe