Saturday, 5 July 2014

Lovely Lockup

We have hit a major milestone and the end is in sight. We are at lockup stage. The actual lockup didn't last long. Friday we were locked out but today all the back doors were left unlocked by the trades that worked in the morning. Being opportunists, in we went to check out the week's progress.

The gyrpocking was finished on Monday, the stairs went in on Thursday and the cornices, skirting boards, door frames and doors have all gone in. It is really feeling more like a home than a building site now and we are very happy with the feel of the house.

It wouldn't be normal  if we had progressed through these stages without any hiccups, and there are a few from this week, but as the end gets closer they seems easier to deal with. I think that is because now we know that they are superficial things that can be fixed easily if we have the energy to deal with Wisdom to get them fixed. My husband has more motivation than I do so he is dealing with them, which is probably why it seems easier to me, and he is way more persistent than I am.

When we decided to build the Trinity there wasn't one on display anywhere so we were building it blind. We asked Wisdom if we could go through some that were in construction but were told that the floor plans had been changed so much it wouldn't give us a realistic view of the house. Not being able to see things in their finished state or visualise them in our minds has lead to a few things that we are not happy with now we have seen them in our house. I really think more builders should use 3D modelling for their customers as it would save so many issues further down the track.

We have already had the main bathroom changed slightly. After this week we realised that we should have had taller doors put on the built in robes in the downstairs bedrooms. Because we have normal height wardrobe doors and higher ceilings, it will be difficult to access all the extra space above the shelves inside the wardrobe. We are also really unhappy with our stairs. The base of the railings upstairs overhang the stairwell void so make the stairs feel really narrow and confined at the top whereas at the bottom they feel spacious. There is also a massive timber brace for one of the upstairs railings that imposes into the stairwell void and we can see people hitting themselves on it as they go up and down the stairs, not to mention that it looks ugly. They have also had to cut into the ceiling and wall space in the dining area to accommodate the stairs and this also looks terrible. Looks like the credit we got for the feature bottom step we couldn't have will now be used to do something with the upstairs railings.

So this week the kitchen fit out and water proofing of the wet areas should commence. Can't wait to see the kitchen as I will be spending a lot of time in there.

Dining Area with study doors on right

Upstairs Linen with Bed 2 door on right

Entrance Hall Before Gyprock and Stairs

Entrance Hall After Gyprock and Stairs

Front Door


Kitchen Before Gyrpock

Kitchen After Gyprock

Laundry Before Gyprock

Laundry After Gyprock

Living Room Before

Living Room Now

Media Alcove Before

Media Alcove Now

Part of Staircase protruding through into Dining Room Ceiling. Yuk!


Post was cut too short and needs to be replaced.

Looking downstairs. See the bottom of the post in the top leftside railing? That is protruding into the void and easy to hit yourself on as you walk up or down.  

Closer view of that pesky post.

Study Before

Study Now

Upstairs Living Before

Upstairs Living Now

Framed Windows 

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