Thursday, 19 December 2013

Trailer Returned

Our trailer was returned today along with it's contents. A big relief as one less issue to worry about. The temporary fencing ordered by Wisdom was installed yesterday. The guys who installed it were expecting an empty block as they assumed the demolition of our old house had been done.  They described our block as worse than a tropical rainforest in QLD, because of all the vegetation. I guess that means the demo company won't need to install their own fencing, but they will need to move Wisdom's so they can remove all the trees along the boundaries.
No more tears for the dramas caused by the incompetencies of the builder, just total indifference now. However, we are dreading dealing with the problems that are awaiting us over the next 12 months, and considering our experience with Wisdom so far, we  are reasonably sure there will be many more to come.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Demo Delay

I had a meeting with the demolition company on the 30th November at our house. The owner's words were that somehow Wisdom let our demolition fall through the cracks. The demo company is very small and can only handle one demo at a time, so we are in a queue, with others ahead of us. He said he would discuss moving us up in the queue with Wisdom, as he pretty much worked exclusively for them, so maybe they could swap us around with one less urgent. If Wisdom used one of the bigger demo companies we would have had our house demolished by now. We have seen many houses around us being demolished who's DA's were approved after ours.
Unfortunately it appears we did not get moved in the queue and the only thing that has happened at our house is the kitchen has been ripped out and left in a heap in the middle of the floor. They still cannot give us a date of when they will be in to demolish, and still say sometime in January.
On top of it all, one of the employees of the demo company took our trailer without permission,  which was full of galvanised steel mesh that my husband had plans to use, and so far after a few phone calls and many text messages promising its return, it has failed to reappear at our property. So we are left wondering what to do next. Do we call the police? Then our demo may be put to the bottom of the queue.