Sunday, 24 August 2014

Final Countdown

We are counting down the weeks now and they couldn't be going any slower.

In the last 2 weeks we have had the following completed:

Shelving in walk in pantry
Glass splashback in kitchen
Whirlybird Installation
Move the upstairs rails
Garage Door Motor
Ducted vacuum motor
1st House Clean
1st round of fix ups
Most of the flyscreens
Removal of safety fencing

We were supposed to have had the excavation done for our storm water pit but the plumber didn't have enough space to get his machinery in because our left over bricks were in the way. We kept the bricks so we could build a front fence later on. I suggested we move them weeks ago but my husband thought they would be OK where they were at the front of the property. He says he called the SS weeks ago and was told they could be left where they were. Then on Friday evening after a long day at work  I get told by my husband that I will be spending my Saturday moving 6 pallets of bricks in mud and rain because the SS has told him they now must be moved for the plumber. I suggested we borrow or buy a wheelbarrow to make it a bit easier but once again my suggestions were ignored. By the 3rd pallet after many trips back and forth trudging though vast amounts of mud my husband decided that the plumber could just work around them because he was fed up and didn't want to move any more bricks. I said that if we were told to move them then move them we must and that I didn't think the plumber would be taking my husband's discomfort into consideration. Our bickering got louder and louder until our neighbour felt it necessary to intervene and lend us a wheelbarrow to speed things up a bit. However after a few more bricks my husband was still convinced that his need not to move the bricks was greater than the plumber's need to have them moved. So our bickering started again and then our other neighbour intervened, at which point I went home to get the Hydraulics plans, and by the time I returned my neighbour had convinced my husband to move all of them. A big thank you to my neighbour because a later phone call from our SS confirmed that all the bricks did in fact need to be moved. And do you think there was a vilified "I told you so" expressed sometime later in the day. You bet there was!

Fence gone and leftover bricks out of sight

Before Stair rail support post moved

After stair rail support post moved 
(Looks so much better. Can't believe it wasn't done like this to start with and that we had to pay to make it look normal.)

Shelving complete in Walk in pantry. There are 4 shelves but top one is out of shot.

Space for our standalone freezer.

Glass splashback 


  1. Hi there
    I just discovered your blog the other week and have loved finding out what's been going on. We too are building with Wisdom and are finding a few tradie slap dash issues, so hearing your story has given us hope that we're not alone in just wanting a good job done for our investment. I think we are about 1-2 weeks behind you guys, we have airconditioning & electrical completed, bathrooms, kitchen. laundry plumbing finished, a quick coat of paint it looks like. We have main floor tiling to commence last Friday although the house is still completely messed up, I can't see how that is suppose to happen even this week (must be a hell of a floor clean!). We also have doors with huge gaps at the bottom and I can't see how that is rectified without replacing the doors, also we have a lot of blue tags on feature tiles in the bathrooms that need replacing (looks like a huge job), with also our outside stacker door not level with a huge gap up the top between it and the bricks, we also have a course of bricks that need to be removed next to the door as they are not lined up with the others. So all in all a lot of fixes to be done and reading your blog at least gives us a bit of an idea of how Wisdom does their timing. Thanks again for your blog. Hope things go smoothly over the next couple of weeks, Robyn

    1. Hi Robyn,
      Thanks for your comment. I have had a few people say to me that my expectations shouldn't be too high because I am building a spec home. I disagree. What I expect is that they give me the level of quality I see in their display homes and what I have signed for in the contract. I also believe that if I have paid Wisdom for something in new condition that is how it should be handed over to me. Our SS is doing his best to get everything fixed, even things we though he wasn't going to. We have many friends that have built and they all say that once you are in the house you don't notice the imperfections anymore. My husband and I are both in jobs that require an eye for detail so unfortunately I am not sure that we can let things go unnoticed. I actually wish we could as we might have saved ourselves a lot of stress. I really hope all you issues get resolved. Do you have a handover date yet?

  2. You have quite the trusty neighbors! I hope your husband realized that the bricks would have to be moved no matter what. Have the plumbers finished the storm water pit? I hope you guys were able to accomplish that and all the other tasks without any hassle. Good luck!

    Evon Brow @ Athens Plumbing

    1. Hi Evon,
      Our stormwater pit and plumbing was installed last week. Our water tanks are full so if it rains anymore we might get to see if it actually all works properly before we have handover!